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About Us

„Our task is to consult you in the area of real estate and the process of obtaining residence permits, as well as profitable operation of the property after acquisition. Our team will help you to gain maximal profit from your investment in real estate.”

IMPERIO nekustamie īpašumi Chair of the Board Artis Kuprišs


IMPERIO nekustamie īpašumi is a private real estate company established in 2009. In 5 years’ time the company has developed and secured its position as a noteworthy player in Latvian real estate sector.

Since 2012 IMPERIO nekustamie īpašumi e provides services for non-residents – obtaining a residence permits upon acquisition of real estate in Latvia, real estate management and lease.

We have earned our place in Latvian real estate market with our team work, desire to grow and ensure our clients with the best collaboration experience.

Our agents are fluent in three languages Latvian (state language, the language of legislation and regulations, that are important to understand and explain to the non-resident clients in all nuances in the client’s language), Russian and English for the communication with non-resident clients.

IMPERIO nekustamie īpašumi is defined by responsibility, flexibility, ambition and modern world-view

These are the qualities of our company founders, employees and collaboration partners.


„Our task is to help you make profitable investments in real estate.”

Why us?

road.pngIMPERIO nekustamie īpašumi main values from every perspective are people, honesty and quality

The foundations of every collaboration are people – our duty is to do our job responsibly and honestly, so that you would receive a high quality services in collaboration with us.



Why work with IMPERIO nekustamie īpašumi

Professional agents

The priority of our company is educated, professional and responsible agents, who are able to ensure the best cooperation experience. Our agents are fluent in Latvian, Russian and English.


From our very first communication we observe full confidentiality, also within our company limits.

High quality and safe services

We keep our word and promises and do everything possible to provide high quality services the security of which will never raise doubts.

In-depth knowledge of industry

IMPERIO nekustamie īpašumi agents will gladly consult you in all matters of real estate – where, when and how to buy, how to obtain a residence permit in Schengen area. We keep up with the Latvian and world real estate market trends, therefore, we know how events in a different continent may affect the market development in Latvia. We know how to see, analyze and translate these signals.

Trustworthy collaboration partners

Our company will provide full service regarding all matters of real estate acquisition and obtaining a residence permit, as well as apartment, building or commercial property management, if you decide to reside there only periodically and rent it out in the meantime. In addition, we have trustworthy collaboration partners, who can provide you with, for example, specific legal services in Latvia etc.